the kid’s fall parties

Let me tell you it will be a sad sad day in my world when I don't have the opportunity to go to one of my kid's class parties. I may cry. I haven't missed one yet! Here's to keeping that streak up!

First up was David's. They made cute little turkey pumpkins, played a few games, and had snacks. Really all that class parties are made of! And I'm no longer the room mom! I said I would for David's class this year... just to be fair to him. And he has the same teacher... so I thought, easy peasy! But they had someone else and hey, I'm not complaining! I got to just sit back and just help! 

The week after was Letty's turn!

The room mom for her class is just a whole other level of room mom. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! She had an intense craft that was super cute, caramel apples with assorted toppings, a guessing game,  goodie bags, and a pin the bow-tie on Mr. Bones. The kids were literally squealing and chanting with delight so I mean, like I said... Room mom of a whole other level.
And in another month it'll be Christmas parties! Yaaaaaaaay!