some favorites on a friday...

It's Friday, it's Friday woo hoo! And I'm here sharing with you some of my favorite things as of late!  That are not Christmas related! The shocker! This post could also be entitled: Laurie is trying really hard to not be a frumpy mom and potentially embarrass her kids. That.

First up! I've been wearing jeans! If you know me or have been around here for awhile you know I'm a leggings only girl. Jeans are typically the worst thing ever that I may be forced to wear. Right up there with itchy sweaters. But! I found a pair that are literally like leggings. And when I first put them on I gasped. Not even joking. I could do yoga in them. They are fantastic. Just enough of a mid-rise to help out in the post-baby (almost 48 months post partum people) pooch. That was a lot of p's. And they were on sale! I got them in this steele wash and then a normal dark denim. I don't mind wearing these one bit. No ma'am. I'll never go back to another jean again and if Old Navy stops making them I will die inside.

I'm not over dramatic. 

Secondly! I have an entire drawer full of t-shirts. Not like, go to the gym t-shirts, although I have those too. Just your basic tee. And entire drawer. I have a few! So I was looking for some cuter short-sleeve shirts that make more of a statement than say just your basic white tee. So I found a few! This tie-front top that I'm wearing above. As well a few from amazon, here and here. And don't forget my beloved Target and their Universal Thread line! I apparently have a thing for the tie-front. Who knew?

Up on third! My feet! I can't exactly prance off to a school thing in my faux Ugg boots now can I? No. I cannot. Which is unfair! They are like slippers! Warm toes unite! I got these in the spring and just loved the way they looked so then I branched out and got these booties in cognac and black. They are so incredibly comfortable! I could wander all over in them and still! Comfort!
And fourth but not least! Is that how it goes? My eyes! After all this online shopping can you imagine! I needed blue UV blocker glasses in my life! If I'm going for a whole "more put together" appearance goal one cannot forget one's eyes. Now can one? So off I headed to Zenni Optical to check out their new frames. I chose these ones in black... although the garnet color was a very close second contender! But I figured I can't go crazy here the fact that I'm wearing jeans is shocking enough. I always love shopping at Zenni Optical! You can search by color, shape, size, material, frame width, bridge width, etc. You can customize to your prescription which I mean, obviously. And then there's the special add ons like Blue UV Blocker or nose pads. You can even upload your photo to get an idea of what it'll look like on your face!

So. New pants. New shirts. New shoes. New glasses. I'm a work in progress. If it isn't comfortable then I'm pretty much out. What fun new favorites do you guys have? Please do share! I'll add to my Christmas list!