rail trail on a warm fall day

An item on my bucket list was to get these kids back on a rail trail. It's really the best option as far as riding their bikes goes. Our development has driveways every twenty feet (am I exaggerating? Who's to say.) and that just makes me more nervous and the kids have to turn around and it just isn't fun for anyone. Rail trails are where it's at. They had a half day on Halloween last week and it was like, really warm. It was also the start of peak foliage so it was like the stars aligned and it just needed to be done. Ride those bikes. Cross things off the list. Look at the leaves. Check, check, check.
It always takes a bit to get us started.... my kids like their safety gear and who am I to judge? Dom is usually the destroyer of these excursions so today I thought perhaps if I parked myself on a bench and just told the kids to turn around before they lost sight of me that Dom wouldn't tire himself out. Or something. My bar is set real low. That and the threat of me stealing his candy and it was a successful trip! And the leaves!