pumpkin carving

Here's the joke. The kids don't really carve the pumpkins. It's more like we carve and they enjoy watching and critiquing us. At least, that is what normally happens. This year I was at least expecting my eldest two to take the wheel and handle their own darn pumpkin. You will enjoy this! I assure you!

But first Nonna had a little Kubota ride in store for them in lieu of missing out on an actual hayride this year...
Matt was working late so for a bit it was just me and the three kids.... attempting to carve three at once. We all pitched in and got the bottoms cut out and hoped they would empty the contents themselves... David would have none of it. He spent the majority of the time sitting in time out or crying about how disgusting the seeds were. As soon as Matt got there he smiled and had the very best time. Of course because Matt was doing the carving.....

Letty carved her's all on her own... Dom drew his all on his own and I wielded the saw. I have to say he did pretty good for a three year old. I mean he's no Uncle Rob or anything but at least he enjoyed himself... unlike his uncle. Wink wink Rob. After we were all cleaned up my sister-in-law (a lot of these photos are hers, obviously) did the whole costume photo shoot I mentioned the other day. And then it was dinner!

Thank goodness for vodka and apple ciders. These nights make me sweat. 
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