our thanksgiving

Our Thanksgivings have quite the routine going. Go to my parent's house... whatever football game is on in the background and my brother and brother-in-law are parked in front of that for the time being. The fun festive drink is made and my mom and Matt are upstairs doing their Thanksgiving prep thing. We await the arrival of my uncle and his family and the lovely fresh meats and cheese that come along with them. And then we do a whole lot of eating. For me personally my favorite starts and ends with the anti-pasta. I think I barely ate any of the actual meal, which is just fine by me. Oh and then the apple pie of my sister's. That is a must have. 

And of course our Elf on the Shelf arrived. If I could go back in time to 2012 I would probably have smacked a younger Laurie for considering such a thing, but here I am, six years later, continuing on with the tradition. I'm not sure how much longer Letty is going to buy into this whole Santa thing... some of her friends no long believe and she has been asking many a pointed questions... just working her way around the entire issue. I of course think this is too soon and I am saddened by the thought... but for now, Cornelius is still a family member for the holiday sesason!

What about you all? How was your Thanksgiving?

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