our thanksgiving break

Oh time off from school! I'm such a fan! Mornings where we don't really have to be anywhere and we can do whatever we want... Heck, let's sleep in till 7! Shall we? We don't though, but we could. Our break started off on a Tuesday with a half day! I was a mean mommy and had Letty's tutor coming but we still kicked it off with a lunch out with Nonna and Aunt Beth and cousins!

Wednesday my sister watched the boys (they colored and jumped in leaves oh my!) so I could take Letty to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie. Oh how I love me a young Dumbledore! I love all the background stories please! We should discuss this further because it was just a lot! And oh Queenie!
 Wednesday night was a movie night with my mom and sister: The Polar Express. We watched many a Christmas movies this break, as one does! Thursday was then turkey day, obviously...
Friday was the big massive power breakfast with the family, because let's all just get together again and eat more food. Again. Friday night we braved the cold and went to Candylane, more on that later... And then it was another movie! Christmas Vacation. Oh that one is definitely a fav.
Saturday was Letty's last field hockey session for the year and then a few of the moms took the girls out for a breakfast. Oh the level of volume coming out of those girls! It's just shrill, is what it is. I can only imagine what the hockey bus is going to sound like in ten years! Ouch! Because yes, I fancy that these girls are just going to keep on playing for years and years and be the best of friends ever. That's how it works right? I will it, it will happen? Saturday night was ornament night at my parent's... more later, lest you fret!
Sunday was supposed to be just a normal day at home and then Olsen Thanksgiving but Matt found a good deal at a Pep Boys on tires for our van and decided we should head up there... 40 minutes away. That turned into hours upon hours of finding things to do with the kids while we waited. Panera Bread. Home Depot. Bass Pro Shops, Lancaster Brewing Company... etc.
Our Olsen Thanksgiving wasn't what we expected as there was a miscommunication as to the dates but.... we still had Matt's brother and his family over and the kids played and I got a Syd hug! That's like, never happened before and deserves to be noted. And: Olsen cousins!
Monday, our final day of break (sniff) we met some friends at The Works for a lunch and then some play time in Ballocity. Followed immediately by showers. Because, ew. How do they clean those things? 
And then to round out the break there was more family and more eating with dinner at my sister's! I feel like I need to work out right now just having thought about all the food consumed this break. Yikes! What about you? How was your break? If you are still with me here after this major photo dump?