our first snow. in november.

It's because I decorated my house for Christmas before Thanksgiving, this storm. As some people say. But no matter the reason we had our first snowfall. And it was a big 'un. Everyone knew it was coming and no one did a thing about it, it would seem. The roads were such a mess and come to think of it our development never got plowed. 

I made sure we were stocked up on the essentials (re: adult beverages) and was on my way to get Dom from preschool when the roads really started to get bad. I slid twice on the way home, and if you know me you know how much I loathe driving in such conditions. So I was really nervous about the buses coming home! The kids were dismissed at 12 something and I stood waiting in the snow for their bus, staring at the leaves on the trees amidst a snowstorm... while Matt shoveled a path for the kids. In shorts! After twenty minutes of such madness I got the call that the kids were staying at school because the roads were just that bad. Safety first folks! 

I retreated to the warmth and thus began the great plotting! How are my children going to get home?Because if you think I would let them sit at the school for an unknown amount of time you have another thing coming! My phone was really earning it's stripes that day, text messages were coming in and out like mad as everyone was trying to figure out what to do. A friend of mine was at a bus stop very very close to the school waiting for her girls (and in a four wheel drive truck no less!) so she kindly offered to get my babies and bring them home to me! We had a playdate planned with her already so this was perfect! A huge huge thank you to Toniel! A rescue and a play date! 

The kids had a wonderful afternoon full of playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate... The things snow days are made of! And eventually the buses did get those kiddos home, just a few hours later than originally planned. I just wanted to give all those bus drivers and administrators and teachers a big giant hug that night! What a day they must have had!
Thanks for the photos Toniel! I may have met my match as far as photographic documentation goes!