long island aquarium and then some

Our original plan was to take the kids to this farm. A Disneyland of Fall Farms if you will. It would have crossed so many items off my fall bucket list too! Hayrides! Pumpkin picking! Oh you name it. But as we have learned Mother Nature did not want Laurie to cross items off her bucket list. Oh no. She wanted to make Laurie's anxiety about missed traditions run high! But! Back up plan! The Long Island Aquarium!

This was for the kids, obviously. But I loved it too! I have never in my days ever dreamed I would touch a sting ray but that is just what I did! Most of us did. They were practically asking to be petted which I was not expecting. Nor that my Aunt Angela would be the first to just dive on in there. We are all full of surprises are we not? We wandered around and checked out all the exhibits, especially loving the sharks! We braved the elements for a bit to watch the sea lion show but I am not cut out for being cold and wet. Such a fun aquarium and now I'm thinking I might need to take my kids to the one in Baltimore!
We make quite the group don't we! Ha! We all piled back into the bus and headed back west for dinner, which was at Chris & Tony's. We had our own room and just stuffed ourselves in around the biggest group of tables... This restaurant is family style so I didn't get a chance to take pretty photos of the food but suffice it to say everything was delicious and we ate it all and yeah. This weekend was not a weekend to make healthy eating choices, no. And why can't we get good Italian in PA?! Why?! And my family surprised Matt and I with a little candle and a little song as our anniversary was Sunday. Twelve years! It was just very nice is all and I loved every second. Thank you so much to all of you for such a lovely Saturday! We are just so very lucky and love you all!
The next day was more swimming and then we went to my other uncle's house for a monster breakfast. It's a thing we all do. Eat more food. Those pretzel rolls though! Gah we need a good bakery here in PA too! And look how Sandy likes my dad! I think dogs have a sense for people who are not dog people... My kids played video games with my cousins and we hung out for a bit before heading over to my aunt's house. Baby holding! And then off we went! Waving goodbye to the island and Lady Liberty! Till next time!