another go at candylane

I'm of the school of thought that if you have a free evening and everyone is healthy and it's not raining you just go to Hersheypark. Oh but there are many other possible times to go! One might say. And yes, one might be right. But if I have learned anything from the past it's that you  just can't count on the weather and good health in the month of December. So. Our original plans had changed and we had a free Friday night and a heck of a lot of clothes and off we went! I was determined to see Santa and the reindeer and the lights show! Cold weather be damned!

We were just thrilled. Matt especially. The line for Santa was pretty long so we wandered through the lights on our way to see Santa's reindeer.... which, thank goodness the man told the kids that Rudolph is so mature now he can control when he glows and only does it when he needs to.... phew! With the questions they've been asking these days I was not ready for that one! Then we headed to see Santa and decided the line wasn't so bad and so that's just what we did. David is still super smitten that his name is on the top of the nice list hanging behind Santa... and the other two are quite peeved that their names are not on it. Details. We watched a bit of the light show and then hightailed it to the warm car before heading  home. I got what I wanted to do done, even if not a single ride was rode. Ridden?