a tale of two saturdays

Last Saturday Matt and I had a wedding to go to and the kids were going to be spending the evening with my parents. They however decided to be just the bravest and take them to Hersheypark with my sister and her family. I doubt they will make that mistake again. I of course asked to be sent a ton of photos of what we were missing out on and my sister kindly obliged. I hear tell it was very crowded with a lot of ride closures. And Santa was just too popular and the line too long. We will try again, don't you fret kiddos! Huge kuddos to all for taking my kids to an amusement park without us! I applaud you!

And meanwhile in a county far far away, two parents were enjoying themselves at the wedding! My dad insisted on getting us an Uber there and back which was a needless extravagance but we decided to enjoy it just the same! No worries! No cares! Just fun!The wedding ceremony itself was just so full of emotions. I doubt there was a dry eye in the place! I'll never hear After the Storm again without thinking of those two! The entire event just felt so like them. From the donut board (oh the donuts!), to the food, the drinks, the Deadpool mask... I mean I haven't laughed that hard in awhile! Good times had by all! And we were still back in time to tuck our kids in at my parent's house so... winner winner! Congrats to the bride and groom! And thank you for watching my kids and getting us a ride mom and dad! 
I definitely had to sneak in and grab a photo with the beautiful bride!