a party bus to macari vineyards

Our Saturday plans were partially ruined due to the heavy rain that was pummeling the island last weekend... It's raining sideways! But this did not stop us! Well, did not stop us completely. There are still vineyards!

Our hotel included breakfast so we did that before heading over to my uncle's house. Which is new, by the way. His house. So of course we got a tour and made all the normal sounds of exclamation because that house is something else. Letty rode in their elevator for goodness sakes. And the bar! I mean. Tip of the iceberg but their house was just gorgeous. Anyways so my aunt and uncle got this party bus to take us to the vineyards... Complete with bathroom! And all 25 (!!!) of us with tons of snacks and rain boots loaded up and off went! Headed east!

Our first stop was Macari Vineyards. My cousin Mia brought a big bag of toys the smart lady that she is! What is this my first rodeo? Apparently. So the kids set up shop in the corner and played while the adults had a tasting and some appetizers... That butter wrapped in cheese was something different all together! And Letty got herself nice and settled in with my fabulous cousin Nina. She couldn't have been happier there. Some brave souls went out in that cold rain and ordered an enormous amount of pizzas from the food truck situated right out back. We laughed hard and were our normal loud selves that I just love so very much! Some of these photos are my sister-in-law's of course. And some are my cousin's.

It's not all of us but it sure is a lot of us! Love my family!