a morning in antietam

We had underestimated the amount of time needed to explore Harper's Ferry and so decided to search for something else to do with our Sunday. Lots of options were discussed, Washington D.C., going to visit my brother at the fire house, heading home, etc. We decided to check out Antietam. You know, the whole bloodiest day in American history battlefield. Cheerful stuff for our Veteran's Day. I went once as a kid and I remember intensely hating it. Probably because I was a kid and well, annoyed at my brother. He always convinced my parents to take us to these Civil War things and that can be quite boring for a sister. I wonder if he would have been okay with a visit to say, The American Girl Doll store? Only fair...
Anways. Antietam is only like 20 minutes from where we were staying so after breakfast that is just where we headed. On another gloriously clear fall day. I had the auto tour up on my phone and off we went.. driving through the tour. I had Matt pull over at a few places and you know we climbed the observation tower! It's such a pretty battlefield! We stopped by The Firehouse on our way home to round out the weekend of bad eating!

And that's a wrap! I think we are done. For the year. Afterall, there's only a month and a half left!



  1. don't talk to me about how short the year is but also I'll be fine when it's over ha. this looks like a lot of fall fun and cold. but all deadly. as I eat lucky charms I feel that part about bad eating
    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Looks like a fun area to explore! And you always capture the best pictures!!


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