a family photo shoot

I am just the luckiest lady to have a sister-in-law who is also a photographer who generously agrees to take photos of me and mine year after year. The. Luckiest. And as always I just loooove the way they turn out! Even the ones where Dom is being well, Dom. It's just who he is at this stage in life.  I waited way too long to ask her to take these and between our crazy schedules and the weather we were able to find a day that worked... even if the sun was being shy and stayed behind the clouds. 

Thanks so much Ashley! If you're local definitely check her out! I know I'm biased but I mean... the proof is in the pudding. As they say....

Eeek! Love them so!



  1. FRIEND!!!! These are gorgeous photos. You have a beautiful family. I especially love the picture where it looks like the boys are tickling Letty. So cute! However are you going to choose which to use for Christmas cards and which to print? ALL OF THEM, I say! Also, can your sister in law come to Texas?? ha

  2. oh I love these. Ashley is so talented. and it helps to have a gorgeous family like yours!
    xoxo cheshire kat


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