some favorites on a friday...

It's Friday, it's Friday woo hoo! And I'm here sharing with you some of my favorite things as of late!  That are not Christmas related! The shocker! This post could also be entitled: Laurie is trying really hard to not be a frumpy mom and potentially embarrass her kids. That.

an afternoon in harper's ferry

We went away! Again! For the third time in something like five weeks? I don't know why we do this to ourselves. But we continue to. Over the summer I was chatting with a friend about small weekend getaways and she mentioned Harper's Ferry. Sure, I vaguely remember hearing about it in history class (re: it's mentioned in an Outlander book, I'm fairly certain). So I took to researching this cute little town (not a park, don't you dare call it a National Park) less than two hours to our southwest.

the kid’s fall parties

Let me tell you it will be a sad sad day in my world when I don't have the opportunity to go to one of my kid's class parties. I may cry. I haven't missed one yet! Here's to keeping that streak up!

First up was David's. They made cute little turkey pumpkins, played a few games, and had snacks. Really all that class parties are made of! And I'm no longer the room mom! I said I would for David's class this year... just to be fair to him. And he has the same teacher... so I thought, easy peasy! But they had someone else and hey, I'm not complaining! I got to just sit back and just help! 

final hersheypark in the dark

We really just try and get in as many trips to Hersheypark as possible. Must get our money's worth! This time we were down a brother-in-law and dad, and up a brother and family. It's just hard to get everyone! We rode a few rides and did the trick-or-treat trail once more because as you know, we don't already have enough candy at home now do we? We didn't stay too late as it was the night of Daylight Savings Time and see also a school night. Matt loves when I do this sort of madness to him. Just loves it.

trick or treating, 2018

Well it's Monday! Already! And here I am just getting around to our Halloween night! As we have done for a many many years, my entire family comes over and we order pizza and then go do our trick-or-treating thang. We are riding this tradition train for as long as possibly can!

rail trail on a warm fall day

An item on my bucket list was to get these kids back on a rail trail. It's really the best option as far as riding their bikes goes. Our development has driveways every twenty feet (am I exaggerating? Who's to say.) and that just makes me more nervous and the kids have to turn around and it just isn't fun for anyone. Rail trails are where it's at. They had a half day on Halloween last week and it was like, really warm. It was also the start of peak foliage so it was like the stars aligned and it just needed to be done. Ride those bikes. Cross things off the list. Look at the leaves. Check, check, check.

pumpkin carving

Here's the joke. The kids don't really carve the pumpkins. It's more like we carve and they enjoy watching and critiquing us. At least, that is what normally happens. This year I was at least expecting my eldest two to take the wheel and handle their own darn pumpkin. You will enjoy this! I assure you!

But first Nonna had a little Kubota ride in store for them in lieu of missing out on an actual hayride this year...

long island aquarium and then some

Our original plan was to take the kids to this farm. A Disneyland of Fall Farms if you will. It would have crossed so many items off my fall bucket list too! Hayrides! Pumpkin picking! Oh you name it. But as we have learned Mother Nature did not want Laurie to cross items off her bucket list. Oh no. She wanted to make Laurie's anxiety about missed traditions run high! But! Back up plan! The Long Island Aquarium!

lenz winery

Keeping up with the wine tasting we headed next to Lenz Winery. The weather was still being utterly rude so it was another indoor tasting for us! Oh how pretty these places must be on a clear fall day! This just means we will have to be back. That's what.

a party bus to macari vineyards

Our Saturday plans were partially ruined due to the heavy rain that was pummeling the island last weekend... It's raining sideways! But this did not stop us! Well, did not stop us completely. There are still vineyards!

we all took a trip to the island

Last Friday after school almost all of us Pennsylvanian Trovato's headed northeastward toward Long Island. We had ourselves a nice little weekend planned. Weather be damned. Which it wasn't because the weather had it's own plans. Rude. But. The. Traffic! Oh. The. Humanity! I pretty much expected it and all things considered we got there in four and a half hours which in the scheme of things isn't bad at all. But still. I'd be ragey if I lived there. You just have to prepare yourself, body, mind and soul, that once you cross the state line into New York the traffic will be waiting for you.

so what's new with you?

October went by in a blink! Actually all of my life goes by in a blink so I should just stop saying as much right? Because this is life. The blink. 
Christmas shopping is mainly done. And yes I have started decorating and to my neighbors I only half apologize. I love Christmas. I want to enjoy December as much as possible. I like to stare at my tree in a loving manner for as long as possible. And so it is that the day after Halloween I start this multi-day decorating process. It makes me happy and one should find joy where one can. Shouldn't one?

Matt and I have been going through the unfinished part of our basement and all the crap that we have stored there. Married twelve years and there is just a lifetime of stuff taking up room. In theory I would love to be a minimalist. Or live in a van. But then I think about the ten Christmas trees I have and I laugh at that whole idea. 

I am preparing myself for the next season of Outlander. It starts this Sunday! Gah! I rewatched most of season three and some of my favorites from the two seasons before that. I find myself giggling now and again remembering when they went to couples therapy. Oh how I have missed those two! Lord... you have given me a rare woman!

I've been really feeling this whole just spinning my wheels or whatever it is you want to call it, repeating the same activities day in and day out. And how much I just really hate it. It annoys me. I don't want to just survive this season of my life I want to enjoy it. But life is what it is and those papers need to be initialed and the lunches need to be packed and the homework needs to be done. It just does. There's nothing I can do about that save maybe home school the kids and that will never happen. So. It's down to perspective and attitude right? Just like everything else in life? I can only streamline and organize my life so much before it's as streamlined and organized as it's going to get. I'm a work in progress what can I say.

The kids the kids. They sure keep us busy! All the activities! Whatever they want! Except baseball because three days a week is too much for me. As long as they each have something. Their thing. Dom is too young for that of course but. The older two. I'm trying to get David to do this basketball league at the local rec. We will see!

And some new to me Instagram accounts! Linsey and Miko. I know wild right? Just two! But I spent most of October trying to clean out my account... remove the ones that I didn't even bother reading the captions and so on... It was cleansing to say the least!

So what about you guys? What's new with you?

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