we are a bunch of fishermen now

This weekend past we were invited down to the beach with Matt's aunt and uncle for the long holiday weekend slash see also Matt's birthday weekend. We arrived late-ish Friday night after a lot of traffic but that Saturday? Well that is the day I learned my family likes to fish. Me? Not so much. But them?They sure do.
Matt used to fish with his dad a lot but that was before we were married... David joined Cub Scouts and got a rod and so here we are. Matt went out and got himself a rod as a birthday gift... Then Letty took over said rod and Matt ordered her a rod.. and then Dom was like but where is my rod? And besides all the "that's what she said" jokes I'll just be reading and staying away at a safe distance prepped with bandaids and ready at a moment's notice for an urgent care type situation. I've seen Funny Farm. It can happen. But the kids love it. To the point of annoyance. Can we fish now? How about now? Now? I don't get it. I feel like it's similar to playing the slots. You keep trying, but you rarely succeed...

Anyways the beach. I ran in the morning, as I do... Then the kids fished off of a pier loved by seagulls young and old. David caught his first fish! And he was just so very proud! Glenn and Sue had an association meeting and we took the kids to the beach for a hot second and then it was more fishing! From the boat! These kids I'll tell you, living the dream. One lure at a time....



  1. nothing beats being by the water. even if it means fishing lol. not my jam either but I did it as a kid and loved. so, that is normalle. also Dom with his shirt tucked in made my morning. no idea why. they are all the cutest

  2. What a fun weekend! And friend, you are becoming quite the photographer. These photos are amazing!!

  3. ahhh little dom in his hat is so adorable! all your kiddos are just the cutest things and growing so much!!! and fishing? heh, i'll just watch!


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