the weekend of weekends

I went in to this weekend like okay Laur, let's just put our head down and do the damn thing. Because overbooked? You betcha. Running in different directions? Sure thing. Long, long days? Oh girl, uh-huh.

Friday night started off with a friend's bridal shower. Totally doable. I even put on big girl pants. And I cooked. We are talking, big deal here people. Annnnd the bride and I had matching shoes which I'm pretty sure means that I shouldn't be wearing them because I am so not as cool as her but.... there you have it.

Saturday morning Letty had a field hockey clinic at school... and Dom and I dropped her off and my friend rescued me with a latte which was just what the doctor ordered!
While Letty was at hockey David went fishing for his very first time with Cub Scouts! He claims to have caught things he did not but I think he had just the best time anyways!
When I got home I tried to rush through my Sunday "chores" because tomorrow is even busier than today... My brother came over with my nieces to help Matt with something so I got some quality crazy time in with them while they did that...
We had dinner at my brother-in-law's house and the kids got good and muddy and we had a fire pit! 
Sunday morning was more of the crazy insane normal stuff before we went to the Fall Fest, more on that later...
We ate lunch there and then Letty and I went to see the Titanic musical! It was so good and sad and I totally teared up at the beginning as they all wave goodbye to the coast on their way to America...Sniff! As the show was donation only I let Letty decide if we stayed after intermission... we had dinner plans and I thought maybe we could get a head start on those.... She debated but ended up deciding to go see her Avery....
We had a lovely visit with our Fitzs and ate too much food and the kids played hard! It's been a hot minute! But as it was a school night it ended too soon. Letty had some deep regrets about Titanic and actually fell asleep reading the playbill with tear-filled eyes.... So I guess I'll never let her skip the end of a show again?

And hey hey! October!  A darn good month if you ask me!