the natural progression

I suppose the fact that we are a family that enjoys a nice little family-friendly hike should not at all surprise anyone that we are now a family that enjoys a nice little family-friendly fishing expedition. Well, four out of the five of us do anyways. It's just a natural progression. Maybe. Although Matt did fish as a child so maybe that's allowable? If he comes home one day and tells me he wants to go hunting I'm not sure what I'll do then. But for now if he likes this new (old) little hobby and his Salt Life shirts and tackle box whatever. You do your thang.

This last Saturday it was just a gorgeous crisp fall day and they all wanted to go fish. I would not be left behind by my lonesome though, no. I joined. I don't really see the appeal honestly. All Matt did was fix their rods eight hundred thousand times and I scolded them for climbing over rocks or throwing rocks or whatever and calming and relaxing it was not. And I'm sure all fish heard them coming and decided to flee. 
The day improved considerably when my friend and her family joined us! Owen and David are in Cub Scouts together and so Matt and Justin also are then together at all these things as well. So. Friends all around! Once they arrived then the men actually got to do a little fishing. Albeit unsuccessfully. And I got to sit and sip on a drink with my friend too. Even if we were on kid duty. 
And you're welcome, Speedwell Forge, for the trash collecting services of our youth. Raising a bunch of tree huggers. Not at all sad about it.