the millersville homecoming parade

Let's just go ahead and say the weather people that be lied  this weekend. That's all. Down right lied. It was supposed to be a mostly sunny, albeit colder, weekend. And so with that mindset we planned on heading down to the college town of Millersville for their annual Homecoming Parade. Except it was rainy. One might be surprised here, or one might not, but the rain did not keep us at home no! Onward! Rain be damned!
We walked the little over a half mile to the parade route and arrived just in time for it to start. The kids got candy and saw bands and waved and clapped. Typical parade stuff. The hoods and umbrellas went up, the hoods and umbrellas went down... and so forth. After about an hour and a half or so we were all pretty cold to the bone and decided to head back to my brother's house for some chicken parmesan lasagna. Perfect remedy to a cold and rainy day, that lasagna.
And where is Letty you may query? Well she spent the entire day (over 14 hours of it, I counted) with her girlfriend celebrating her birthday. At an amusement park. I mean, no comparison for a little girl right?
Last year's parade here!