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If I had to pick a favorite month, besides Christmas time, October is that favorite of months. It really starts to fell like fall, the leaves may even be changing in some places, fall activities are in full swing, my husband was born this month! We got married this month! It's good times, October.
In September I wanted to have a no spend month. Or a low spend month if such a thing exists. Well I made it like three weeks maybe and that was shot when Hobby Lobby opened their doors the last week of the month. But! I definitely did not buy a single item on Prime! Okay other than two birthday gifts. That. Is. Huge. Birthday gifts don't count. I kept adding things to my wishlist that I would normally have just purchased and wonder of wonders don't you know it that I really didn't need all that stuff! But come the first of this month you bet I was back on Prime. And what did I purchase you are all wondering?! Well, I shall keep you in suspense no longer. Another birthday gift. Haha! Okay but also I got this set of wood pot brushes because the one we have is older than I care to admit and yeah. I know I'm about three years late to getting these but fairy lights! I got a set of six because don't you know it I'll be putting them everywhere. And this rug to go under my other outdoor rug because, I'm basic. After a month off I think I showed serious restraint.

October brings the start of all the things. Field trips, book fairs, parent lunches, volunteering in the classroom, Wednesday night church, Girl Scouts, field hockey, you name it. My calendar is looking a bit intense. Anyone have any like super duper perfect way of staying organized as far as kid's calendars go? I have a desk calendar hanging on the fridge that I update but most importantly we use Cozi. Matt and I can both access it from our phones and it always updates. You can color code based on kid too and even set up reminders. We have been using this for like... years. Back when having kids was like oh what do you want to do today baby? Care to sit in a stroller as we take a walk? Ah.. the good ole days.

Letty is starting up with a new tutor here soon. We loved her other tutor, do not get me wrong, and I loved that she actually works in Letty's building but this new one has more specific training so... we are giving it a whirl. Time will tell! 

The middle child. I feel like I could talk in circles around Letty and her world and her activities and Dominic well, we are together all the time so that just means I talk about him more. David though? I mean he is doing awesome in school... Gives us no issues with homework. Makes friends super easily. Doesn't get into trouble. He's just been, easier. He can still go to pieces for no apparent reason and might lose his mind over something like, losing a race on his iPad. But overall he's so good. So don't forget that David! Just because I don't have much to report doesn't mean you aren't awesome and loved! Oh! Speaking of reporting! We have been asking the boys to at least try what Matt makes for him and I for dinner, yes, we are enablers, and the boys have been doing so good! They even tried shrimp!!! If you know David, then you know this is like... MASSIVE. One tiny piece of shrimp at a time!

Dominic is loving school. Mainly the playground and the urinal and his friend Jaxson. Not in that order or anything. And get this! His teacher said I had her worried but he is doing great and she wants to clone him. I mean. Dom? My Dom? Praise hands! Exclamation marks!! And me? I'm doing okay too. I either go bug my mom while he is at school or go bug my Grammy or maybe meet up with friends or something. It goes by so fast. Thank goodness.

I know the holidays are far away but! I signed up to be a part of our home town's Holiday Home Tour and well... Suuuuure I won't need any new decor Matt! I mean, I already do so much! But we know this to be untrue. So. Two more Christmas trees were purchased for my foyer and I am just so excited. I have some other ideas percolating for the kid's playroom just to make it less mess and more Christmas! We need more Christmas!

Sorry. Let's get back to all things fall and ignore that prior paragraph, yes?

Andddddd new to me Instagram accounts! I went a bit nuts following new home decor feeds, so if that's your thing might I suggest: Blessed Ranch. The Curated Farmhouse. Park Crest Lane. White Vintage Lane. Our Home Life. Rustic Wild Arrow. Annnndd just regular awesome feeds I've found not home decor related: Charlie. Sena. Ramona. Daria. Our Way of Wanderlust. Kate. Marzena. Julie. Humphrey and Grace. Wow I went a bit Instagram crazy in September I see! Back to school loneliness means more 'Gramming!

So. What's up with all of you?

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