mikayla raaaaae turns four!

This past weekend on a lovely crisp fall day we all got together as a family to celebrate the second of the triplets as she turned four! For any of you new around here my two nieces and Dom were all born within four months of each other, hence the triplets. Mikayla is the middle child in this scenario.... This child. She's tough. She's sassy. She puts up with zero bull. Put her in a ring with Dom and you know she'll be the one walking out unscathed. Which, I love. We ladies need to be tough now don't we? She is just the cutest little Shirley Temple lady with hair of my dreams! I can't believe she is four and watch out world! We all love you so Kayla Rae! 
Anyways! A unicorn party for the unicorn child! My brother sketched up quite the chalkboard did he not? Oh you know, just off the top of his head! Nbd. There were unicorn headbands for all! So you know crazy Aunt Lolo needs a photo of all the cousins wearing them! Why is  that so hard? Is it too much to ask? I think not. Oh the issues though! If it wasn't one it was the other. Or however that saying goes.

There was enough food to feed an army and I certainly did my best to eat more than my fair share. The kids got some major usage out of my brother and sister-in-law's new deck too as well as the newly stained playset. Quite the deal, that back yard! There was presents (just love my kid's expressions during the opening, mylanta) and just the most delicious and pretty cake too, as birthday parties do! Annnnd of course it wouldn't be a party without forcing each guest to get their photo taken with the kiddo of honor! I'm just bummed portrait mode sort of sucked all the color out of them! And sorry to Uncle Brandon and Aunt Lindsey I didn't want to drag you inside for a photo but I'm sure Ash got you covered! 

Mikayla's thirdsecond birthday and her first