i am farm showed out

The Farm Show is quite the deal around these parts, much to Matt's surprise and never-ending chagrin, but it is just the same. The kids always tend to have off school too which means we make quite a few trips. And field trips. Dom's field trip was up first! And I, of course, chaperone. First of what was supposed to be three. Prepare thyself Laur. 

I wasn't sure how Dom would be since David on his first field trip was just the worst. And Dom didn't really disappoint in that regard. He did okay at first but he didn't want to share and he didn't want to walk because, walking is just so stupid. But we survived. He even volunteered to answer questions and I spyed with my little eye a raised hand so. That's something, right?
The bigger kids were off from school as I said so they spent the morning with my mom. We reunited with them and were joined by my sister-in-law and her girls and back we went! More Farm Show! On Mikayla's birthday no less! We saw some animals and learned about bees and then of course the highlight: milkshakes. We missed our Aunt Beth and Lena Girl but as Harrison wasn't quite 24 hours out from a stomach thing they had to stay home.... 
The next day was Letty's field trip which was a bit different in that I wasn't with her class. I was with her of course... but another teacher didn't get enough volunteers so I was asked to go over there. Apparently Letty and I have quite the reputation for being social and knowing a lot of kids. I don't know. We were given zero direction other than just be back here at whatever time. Otherwise do what you want! Which was also different. The kids ate their lunch and then they made jump ropes. For free! We basically just wandered around and around until it was time to go. In the hot hot sun. And of course we saw a lot of friends!
With the rain due for Thursday the first grade teachers decided to go ahead and cancel their field trip. Which I was so looking forward to! Just kidding. Although I do feel bad for David.... Now the question remains... will I feel guilted into taking David back once last time? Do I go in for one more round of milkshakes? Or do I just cut and run??? Only time will tell.