hersheypark in the dark! 2018!

Except it wasn't quite dark because well, school night. It was also so so so cold so it was like, winter jackets for all people! We didn't even do costumes! Next time for sure! David grabbed an Iron Man mask and Letty wore her unicorn headband from the party the day before and we deemed it good! My sister was a better mother however and had Lena in her unicorn costume that is just the warmest and cutest thing on the planet. I. Love. Her.
The kids rode a few rides and then the real deal, the Trick or Treat Trail. Why is it so hard to get the kids to stay together and just slow down! I will make them wait either way so why? Halloween is going to be hard. My sister is campaigning for Letty to be allowed to go off with her friends. I remain steadfast in my decision to torture her. Because, la familia!

And leave it to David to be the only one willing to climb up onto the operating table..... 
And!! Cheeks! He got to go on his first solo ride this visit! I just wanna squeeze those cheeks. Believe me. I do! And he wore that hat there last year too! I have feelings!

We will be back!

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