happy happy halloween!

Oh happy day! It's Halloween! And in our county that means trick-or-treat night! On a school night! Which as we all know is going to get a bit nuts so as we did last year, we got the cousins all dolled up in their costumes and Ashley took some awesome photos of them! Without all the layers! We went with a Star Wars theme again this year which they came up with on their own so, thanks kids! The Force runs strong with my family...
I know right? My sister-in-law is amazing. Letty makes a phenomenal Rey... the boys well.... they are in there somewhere! They take turns pretending to be the one "good" Storm Trooper which is Finn... In their minds.

And just because I can't even with the cuteness level of my nieces and nephew here are my sister's kids. I know right... Jack Jack!?! I can't believe he let that thing stay on his head!
And Mary Poppins and her Penguin! Gah! I always used to say that Mikayla reminded me of Julie Andrews and well there you have it. 
All these movie themed costumes! I love it so!! Maybe next year we could pull off a big giant cousin costume theme!!! What do we think people? We must get started on it pronto.
Happy Halloween all! Get good candy! Be safe! Be spooky!

Past year's costumes herehereherehere and here.