diy rustic ceiling beams

All summer long as a diy project idea came into my head I saved that little idea for later and planned on bringing it out after the pool closed, just to give that husband of mine something to do when he can no longer go out back and whisper sweet nothings to his best friend (which is the pool, to be clear here). The pool may not be closed yet, but the swimming has been far and few between. So he did the first of these saved for after summer projects. Beams! In our living room! 

Annnnnd don't mind Dom's shoes just lined up all nice on the bench there please but. Real life! I prep the kid's clothes for the next day and their shoes go there. Clearly all kids are dressed and only Dom is left home when I took these photos! Gah!

These beams are not actually beams at all. Matt will pop in here with all the technical things, like a supply list and what not and a tutorial.....

1x6" pine boards for the beams
2x6" pine board to attach them to ceiling
3" screws for attaching 2x6" to ceiling joists
Finishing nails
Liquid Nails

I took my new table saw (yes, this project was an excuse to finally buy one) and mitered the sides of the 1x6's" so that they formed kind of a "U" on the long end when attached together with finishing nails and Liquid Nails.

After Matt distressed the beams he stained them using Minwax Dark Walnut.
Once all stained, (he did two coats) it was time to hang them!  Take the 2x6's" (they might need to be ripped down so the faux beams fit snugly around them) and attach them to the ceiling joists using 3" screws.  You take your faux beams and have someone (Laurie's brother The Donk offered his assistance here) hold them to the ceiling with the 2x6" in the middle of the beam. Then nail the beams to the 2x6" that are attached to the ceiling.  
The last step was screwing in the straps to hide the seams. He also put one on either end of the beams too. I know they aren't very common on ceiling beams but I and especially Matt love them just the same!
What do we think? I love the way they turned out! Just gives the room (that already has a lot I know) something extra! Now. Must find slipcovers for those two club chairs! Is that what we call them? Those burgundy things. They are just too much for me these days. That and the rug. Rugs. It never ends I dare say.

Oh and for those wondering, Matt got the new saw and I got... ding ding ding! Two new Christmas trees for the foyer! I always need more trees! Ho ho ho. Sorry! Got ahead of myself there. Amuck Amuck Amuck....