disney on ice!

Alternate title: my children are so spoiled and they have no idea just how spoiled.

We don't pay for these tickets, even though I do believe if we did it would be worth every penny. We just love getting to go to these shows! This year they added a few new characters into the mix which was a major hit! Coco and Moana! Two of our recent favorites! They also had a few staples, Belle and Elsa, as well as Toy Story. All three kids loved every second of it which is really a hard commodity to come by. They also had this new I don't even know what to call it, pulley system? Entire groups of characters able to swing and twirl way up high in the air. It was really quite the deal. We stayed for the entire show which probably has never happened in all our years of going to this show with the whole family. 

Just getting excited really early on in the game for our upcoming Disney trip in the spring! One can never get too excited for that right? I didn't take many photos of the actual show because I was too busy taking videos of the show.... You're welcome Snapchat. We also ran into one of Letty's little lady friends and her family there which, small world right? She can't wait until Monday (today) to talk all about this show with her. Chit chat. As it were.
Past year's Disney on Ice experiences here hereherehere and here! Like I said, spoiled.