another assateague boat day

These day trips down to Assateague Island while we are visiting with Matt's aunt and uncle are sure becoming a favorite of ours! The nice leisurely boat ride down.... the beach mostly our own.... the potential horse sightings... the grilling right there on the beach...the sun! It's just really nice. And we may have perfected it this time around? Third times a charm? 
We stayed a bit more at the tip of the island so we got to see more of the Ocean City Boardwalk... as well as some ocean side beach viewing. Uncle Glenn took a nap and the rest of us took the kids to investigate the getty and get some more of that fishing in. The beach on the ocean side was literally deserted and I vote next time we go we set up shop there. It was just so so pretty! And the kids getting to clamber all over rocks is like a blast from my childhood past. Even I felt a bit like an eight year old girl again!

Once back at the house and freshly showered we headed out to a pirate themed restaurant to celebrate Matt's birthday! The kids got eye patches and fried food and it was good! We are so happy to have Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue in our lives! Aunt Sue and Letty even made Matt a surprise funfetti cake back at the house! That man got sung to twice and how lucky is he!?