another apple picking adventure

And one that was pretty much doomed from the start. Over dramatic much there Laur? Why yes, yes I am. 

It was a gorgeous crisp fall morning and so off my sister and I and our not-in-school-aged children went to pick apples once more! In weather more appropriate to apples! Dom carried on (I believe this is my Grammy speak for "lose your effing mind and cry hysterically") for the 27 minute drive to the orchard about how much he thought the idea of his jacket was stupid and that he wished he had chosen his vest instead and that then gave me a headache. Upon arrival he continued his distaste for said jacket to his Aunt Beth. Then he couldn't zipper it. Then he couldn't find the pockets. Then there was a hole in said pocket. Then he couldn't get the hood up. Then his shoe got wet from the dew. Then he fell and got his knees wet. A tantrum resulted from each earth shattering issue. How he continued to live with himself after each offense is beyond me. Then Beth had some wagon issues that thankfully no children (or apples) were injured in... The apples left on the trees were not in our each so I resorted to climbing. It's been a few years since I've tested out my tree legs and I have to say, I still got em...

All of this ended with the kindly woman at the register telling us that one, we weren't in the right area and that two, they have handy tools to which pick the out of reach apples. Never a dull moment. And see also: pictures are deceiving. And I was in jeans people. Bands that are not elastic!
Bring me that apple crisp. Stat.