a zoo america field trip

This lucky eldest lady of mine had not one but two field trips in the month of October! This past Friday I had the pleasure of chaperoning once more and this time I got to be with Letty's actual class. Which was nice. Because you know me, I like to know all the people she knows. 

She sat with me on the bus both directions which got her major major brownie points. I do not appreciate sitting by my lonesome. The entire grade was there so half went to this nocturnal animals program first and the rest of us got to just wander around. Counting my kids. One, two, three four. And repeat. We saw the bears which was rather exciting! And told Tom all about his impending doom. Heartless little ladies to be sure!
Then it was our turn for the nocturnal animals! The highlight was seeing a deskunkerized skunk. The kids sure squealed and screamed when he pulled her out to show! He about had a mutiny on his hands. He was funny and told quite a few corny jokes but hey. They sat quietly for a whole hour so he's pretty much got this thing figured out.
Then we ate lunch and headed back to the buses. I got all four of my group back safely. Deep sigh of relief...