a laundry room update with lamps expo

You know I'm a girl who loves her lighting. I get it honestly with a father who is a master electrician. Electrician Extraordinaire? Details. Lamps Expo contacted me to see if I would be willing to feature one of their products and after checking out their selection well, I happily accepted. After much much (much) deliberation we decided upon the Yorktown 1 Light Semi Flush in the Oil Rubbed Gilded finish. Originally I wanted it for our little hallway leading from the kitchen to the foyer but to my never-ending shame I did not measure when I ordered. Rookie move there Laur! But never fear! I found the perfect space for it! The most used room in the house actually. The laundry room! Which is actually were we enter the house each and every time we enter. It's our mud room... Our command center... You name it. Craft room? That may be stretching it even though it is where all craft supplies are stored.
I was slightly concerned it wouldn't be bright enough seeing as it is only one bulb and a room sans windows but nope! Perfection! My father the electrician of note who installed it, kept commenting on the quality of the fixture which coming from him is a huge compliment.

Also new in this room? The washer and dryer is new!. Ah yes. After 12 years we had to be grown ups and replace our washer and dryer. You served us well friends! You did! And those cute little storage baskets for things like the millions of pairs of sunglasses my kids have and whatever else comes my way. Trying to make a mess into something cute is a goal of mine... just don't get me started on the playroom.

Lamps Expo seriously has quite the inventory! I could have easily found a fixture for any room in our home and then some. Check them out here! What do you guys think? Give me all the lighting please!