a fall fest on a sunday

I mentioned yesterday that we hit up our local garden center's annual Fall Fest on Sunday. It's free and it's close and the kids get to paint pumpkins! Don't forget the hay maze and the corn kernel table! What's not to love!? 
Well I would have something to not love. I shouldn't have been wearing pants as that sun was hot. I mean, it's starting to feel fall-like one day and then the next it's like wow let's go lay out on the deck and get some tan action on! And I need to remember that before donning jeans of all things. But back to this day. We were met there by the usual crew, my parents, my sister and her family, and sister-in-law and her girls. Rob lucks out with these things having to be all hero-like fighting them fires. Some activities were missing from past years, like face painting and the photo area... or maybe there were there and just missed them? Anyways we did what we could and then my parents treated everyone to lunch right there as well! Some day soon I fear that daughter of mine will be so over this and I will be so so sad. She's looking more and more grown up by the day! I can't have that! Don't take my Fall Fest from me! Let's see what else... Of course all the kids wanted to paint the pumpkins as that is the highlight and David goes "well, we should save the best for last." Dom and that hat! He wears it all the time and it kills me all the time.

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