a diy riser

For the bedroom. Because the pool is closed and projects make Matt's world go round and there you have it. I have a grander image in mind for this bedroom of mine that involves a new storage situation for the foot of the bed but that will have to wait a hot minute. Or two. In the mean time Matt knew he could whip this little riser up for me in no time. I think the whole distressing of the wood situation is most cathartic for him. And I just love having a little place to rest my drink and my book and God only knows what else I'll find for it!

Another Handy Matty project. Over and out!



  1. this is super cute. especially since you have a new haven in there. also I swear every time I see something Matt makes I'm like I WANT SOMETHING MADE FOR ME. but so far away ha

  2. That is amazing! You are married to one talented man!

  3. okay this is SO pretty for your bed!!!! i love dark wood combined with white.


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