a birthday beach day for matteo!

Matt didn't want much for his actual birthday. He wanted a sunrise and coffee... toes in the sand... and nothing but the sound of the waves crashing and the kids squealing. I'd say the day delivered. We weren't sure the sunrise would be anything to write home about but here I am writing home about it just the same. We had to wake the kids up of course and basically carried them to the van in their pajamas so they wouldn't miss it. I ran and the kids played and then we headed back to the house to say goodbye to his aunt and uncle who had some work back home to do... The kids stood on their steps and waved goodbye with the most forlorn expressions...

And then Matt was like chop chop! Let us get-ith to the beach-ith! We packed up lunch and off we headed once more to gaze upon the Atlanctic! It was another great day, lots of sun and maybe even a bit more sunburn but as it's the last one of the year let's go big! I even got to read on the beach once more which hasn't happened in who knows how long! Miracle of miracles! We stayed until we felt we should stay no more and then headed on our way northward... with Letty sniffling in the back seat oh until... We left Bethany. Which is a ways, let me tell you. But as a grown up (debatable) version of a girl who used to cry and cry upon leaving her Grandma's house I can totally understand the sad feeling that comes with the end of a trip. I feel you girl!
Until next time big blue!