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September. It still feels like the dog days of summer (so so so hot) but those days be long gone around here. School it is.
First of all! Anyone who has commented on my blog since the end of May: my sincerest apologies. I didn't get a single email saying I received a comment. And instead of logging in to Blogger to look into that issue I just assumed that no one liked me anymore. For three months. So. I'm not sure what that says about me. But! I had the best time reading through alllllll those comments and feeling the love. Even if I am super embarrassed and feel horrible for never responding because I do like to do that! Anyways. I be sorry.

The clearance section at our local Targets really took all my money the other day. So many good tanks! I love my flowy graphic tanks. And the Disney stuff for our upcoming Disney trip! Wow. Which I mean, is months and months away but we can plan starting now and plan we are! I got the kids matching Disney bathing suits and I die. I can't wait to see them all swimming in them! But because of said spending I am going to do my best to do a no spend September. Other than something absolutely essential I need to put away the credit cards. I'm sure come October 1st I'll have e-carts everywhere full of stuff but hey, maybe not? Besides... Christmas shopping. It's coming.

Does anyone else's kid need to know their Halloween costume months in advance? Because mine sure do. They decided with much deliberation to be two Storm Troopers and Rey. We already had Rey's costume so a trip to Costco later (by my parents) and they were all set! Cross that one off the list!

Dom starts school next week... Just two mornings a week but I'm sure you know how I feel about that. Moving on...

This is the final month before all the activities start back up. Well I mean, today is David's first Cub Scouts meeting, but the rest starts up in October. Girl Scouts, Field Hockey, Wednesday night church... So I really should just soak up these slow (ha!) evenings at home before the madness begins!

The weather has been really good pool weather this week so I am making a concerted effort to have people over to swim practically every single day. The weather is supposed to drop down into the sixties over the weekend and as we all know the weather is a fickle lady so.... just in case, we gotta get these swim times in whilst we can.

As always, some new Instagram accounts I have "discovered," Sylvie and Roberta. Obviously back to school has really lowered my Instagram stalking game. Le sigh.

So what's up with all of you?

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