things i’m loving right now

We recently got a new smart tv for our bedroom which has been all kinds of fantastic but Matt just discovered Plex? Which means that any movie that we have on our hard drive is accessible through any tv in our house. Just, poof! There’s a movie. Which then begs to the question do we rip every dvd we own so we can just remotely access them via remote? A project for another time to be sure. And sometimes I just read my book and he watches stuff so, winner winner. 

These slower afternoons we have been having. Girl Scouts hasn’t started yet. Wednesday night church hasn’t started yet. Letty’s tutor just had a baby. So these afternoons are mainly ours. For a little anyways. And as weird as that is it is nice!

A Hobby Lobby has opened by us! To be visited today! See also a new Wegman’s and a Whole Foods and where are we!!?

I was having some skin issues as of late which I mean, rude, and I have been using this lately and well, no skin issues. So I’m sold. The weird post-35 pimples, the dry skin, gone! Plus it smells so good!

Let’s see let’s see.... uhm flannel sheets. Coffee. Flannels. Cooler days. Leggings. Pumpkins. The fact that I’ve gone all month without an impulse amazon purchase!! Big things people, big things. 

What are you all loving lately??