the thing about amber bottles

Has anyone else noticed something happening lately on Instagram and home decor blogs and even at Target? It's all about the vintage amber glass bottles. Apparently.

I saw it first on Liz Marie's blog and as you may know I find her to be just the very best and I thought, oh that's fun! And then I started seeing amber bottles pop up in my Instagram feed. Allll over my feed. And then I went to Target and wouldn't you know it, Joanna also has a few things (this vase or these canisters) in her collection as well! So you know she probably was the one that started the trend  in the first place and now I am just obsessed with it. As things go when Joanna is involved.

My mom loves antiques as I may have mentioned before and my entire life it was always something I dreaded, those antique stores! But time changes things of course and now I actually love to go antiquing with my mom, even if a lot of the fun is sending my sister scary photos of things, which there are a lot! I should do a post of all the ones I took the last time I went! Maybe on Halloween... So I obviously discussed this amber bottle thing with my mom. And when my parents went antiquing on their anniversary she found quite a few bottles for me and I was all, I'll take the lot of them! No sense in beating round the bush here. I want them all! I especially love the large one with the cork and that teeny tiny one too! The Clorox bottles are from the late 1930's if my research is correct which isn't that just something? A bleach bottle... now something people collect?

For now they reside in my dining room centerpiece and on my coffee table but who knows! They may move elsewhere! Many times!
I'd like some more, obviously, because I just love them. I want to sprinkle them all over the place and I'm anxious (don't rush life Laur) to use them in my Christmas decor as well... Because they will not be going away after fall, no ma'am (or sir).

Now I bet you'll start noticing them pop up here and there as well....And if you are local and find one in an antique store let me know! I'll be right there!