the family that bowls together!

Gets made fun of by their Poppop together! 

Last Friday it was dreary and rainy and surprise of all surprises, we had no plans! So my brother-in-law suggested: bowling! I had wanted to do this over the summer but it was just one of those things that sort of got lost in the chaos. We decided to have dinner first and then - bowling! My parents met us for the bowling portion where my father, having been a veteran of a bowling league himself, looked on in dismay at the lack of bowling skill that his offspring possessed...

But we had fun. We had beer. The kids had laughs. And it was fun. It ended up being one of those nights that I'll hopefully always remember as we got spontaneous "wow mom, this is the best night ever!" from the kids. Letty wanted so badly to not need the guide but alas, she did. David really did not like losing and that made his sensitive heart about burst. Dominic was the star of the show, incredible smiley and jumping up and down with joy every time the ball went down the lane, regardless of it's destination (re: not to the pins).
So what if we need a little practice? It was the perfect way to spend a rainy Friday night! It's for the kids Vince!