the etown fair!

Happy Labor Day all! I hope everyone can just enjoy this one last hooray of summer! Even if school did start last week. Rude. Ahem.

But before that nasty school bit starts there is always the Elizabethtown Fair! It's arrival marks the end of summer and has since I was in school myself, just a few years ago. Wink wink. I used to go for the food but I am trying to be good (aren't we all) and so we just went for the animals and then ate lunch at a more appropriate venue. Where the vegetables aren't hand dipped in grease and fried...

My sister doesn't enjoy this animal business and she seems to have passed her dislike of that on to my niece.... but my kids enjoyed. Especially that David. He got right on up in there. Petting. Feeding. Holding. But every one of them enjoyed the tractors. I mean, who doesn't?
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