some new beauties around the house...

Before I go all Fall Fall Fall decor around here I thought I would share some of my new finds from my very favoritest of stores, Cocalico Creek. I knew after my last visit that I could only go to this place with gift money. You know, happy birthday Laurie! Love, your parents type of money. So that is just what I did.
My biggest purchase was those chippy church window frames you see above. My mama always taught me to get something big with your gift money. Something you can always look at and say now that, that I got with my birthday money from mom and dad when I turned 35. That type of thing. I had been debating getting them back in May but decided to wait and when they were still in the store I figured that was meant to be!

I also got three little cute terracotta pots, a black chalkboard type clipboard that I still need to write something up for, some greens (always with the greens) and a small white jug. Great success!
And see also my Stephanie headed there and got me this beauty for my birthday....
Annnnnd then I went back again with a new friend who had never been there before and I mean, I had to show her the goodness that store has to offer! I behaved and only got a few things....Two tea towels, a 5 sign, a bud vase, and a galvanized tray. Also some fabric pumpkins! So you know what's coming next week right? Right?

And! And! And! I went antiquing with my mother the other Saturday and after much searching found another seltzer bottle! Make that two now! I'm still kicking myself for not just purchasing the entire six I saw way back when but alas. You live and you learn! If you see something you love, just buy it! Right up there with Never Pass a Potty. Rules to live by!
I will now be staying away from this store for many many days. Or until their Christmas decor comes out. It can't be helped.