run, forrest, run!

This past Wednesday was the kid's school's annual Run for Fitness. The kids and all their little friends show up, run a lap, and then get a ribbon. This year as Letty is now a big bad second grader she does a half mile, while David still does a quarter mile. It was humid, which did not help attitudes one bit. They both were really excited to sign up for it but the day of? Letty was wanting none of it. The whole two laps threw her and she didn't want to do it. Fine, she would do it. No way I hate running.... Lots of flip flopping and bad moods happening. Seeing all her friends there helped, I think. It's like social hour with these two I swear it! And yes, I totally didn't buy them new shirts but hey! Last year's fit! I never want my kid to be the only one not in a matching shirt type situation but this time I let that go.... Making strides people!
David went first and came in the middle of the pack and still smiling. He's so easy to please, that boy!!
Letty as it turned out, did not have to do two laps but just one bigger one. And she came in third! My little fast gazelle of a girl! I'm so glad that she has things in life she is good at, like running. I want her to feel good about herself and have confidence! Not everything in life will come easy to her, but this running thing? At this season in her life? This comes easy for her. And I'll take it.
Just like in year's past the top five placers get to go on to the county-wide championship race in another week or so which sadly, I don't think we will be able to make! But still! Third place! And nineteenth! We love our runners!
Last year's run here, and year before that here.