our weekend

Oh this weekend! Like much of the country we have been under a siege of gray and rainy and cool days lately but this weekend!!! The clouds went away and the sun came out and we all got a nice big heaping dose of vitamin d! Just what the doctor ordered!

Friday after all the after school "things" meaning, I just throw the kids lunch boxes into their cabinet of doom and we do a quick round of lets get this homework thing all done so we can not think about it and enjoy our weekend fun.... We hosted Matt's aunt and uncle for a dinner which we rarely get the chance to do but also love to do. The kids were absolutely out of control but the adults at least enjoy catching up on the craziness of life.... Which is code for I didn't take a single photo...

Saturday was the first of two sunny days! We were out in the pool and ready for nothing more! We also were watching my niece and nephew as their parent's had to go to a wedding so for a lovely afternoon and evening we were a family of seven and I loved every last second. Yes my kids were bananas but those Sauders come from good stock and they were just the best. We swam and made our own pizzas and watched a movie and had popcorn and then they were all tucked in nice and soundly till their parents got home.
Sunday morning we met my parents for breakfast where Dom immediately remembered the last time we went to said diner say.... seven months ago.... Smart kid in disguise, that one. After that we did our Sunday chores, the kids just love playing with their Norwex clothes and I am not even joking. We went right back out to that pool and soaked up that sun before an early to bed night. These weekends go so fast and they just tire us all out so much!

How was your weekend?