our labor day

This long weekend was just sort of an odd one. If you're from the area then you know that our Friday was just absolutely bananas with tons and tons of rain (almost 10 inches in a matter of hours) and subsequent flooding.... people being stranded and roads being closed and water conservation notices and so on and so forth. It was something else! The whole weekend just felt a bit off after that. But we still hit up Hersheypark with friends Friday because only a few miles away not much was happening as far as precipitation... Saturday was low key, I had a breakfast and shopping date with a friend and then we had ice cream at a summer joint with my parents. Sunday Letty had a play date (can we still call it that at eight? Maybe she was just at a friend's?) and we finally made it to the pool before celebrating my brother's birthday. And then came the actual day of Labor Day. With our patriotic wear! What else!
Labor Day brought sun and heat and athankyou! Those of my family that were able came over for a pool day. Naturally. We all got our swim on, even Poppop! Matt tried his hand at using his fryer and fried up a few birds plus also grilled steak. There was a lot of good food as we tend to do and I wonder why the scale has not been kind to me this summer? I mean I really don't but. We Trovato's like our food. Lots of it. For some reason this day was almost as hard for me as the prior Sunday, because guess where the kids were going the following day? And why can't we just start school after Labor Day? And four day weekends are wonderful and all but what a tease! It was almost as if the prior week did. not. happen.

Anyways. I didn't take a ton of photos and we'll just pretend that wasn't because I was feeling sorry for myself. Most of these are my sister-in-law's.
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