our final hersheypark visit!

I mean, other than Hersheypark in the Dark and Christmas Candylane, that is. But other than that the end of September brings the end of their regular season. Some rides will close up their doors for the year and decorations and lights will be strung up in preparation for the coming festivities... but the regular park as we know it is done. For us that is. We can't make it next weekend which, man that weekend is gonna be rough (we can do this!). So for us, this was our final visit.

Anyways it was a Saturday with not much going on during the day and my sister and I definitely wanted to squeeze in another visit while we could! I thought mid 70's meant shorts and tanks, she smartly went outside and was like, pants it is! But that's just me, holding on to summer for all it's worth. And the very big excitement of the trip was that my nephew Harrison who is juuuuust about ready to walk full time, but only when he is in the mood, got to go on some rides! He seemed quite indifferent about it all, so long as he had one hand on one of his parent's thighs... We spotted some signs of fall and went on all the rides we could until the crowds became too much. Pretty much when season pass holders have to wait in line is when crowds become too much. And so we headed on home... Goodbye Hersheypark! Until October that is!