my hair, oh my hair

And on my headstone it shall read, Laurie Elizabeth (Trovato) Olsen, loving wife, mother, daughter and sister, with hair she loved almost above all else, may she rest in peace.

Or something like that.

My hair.... It's just important to me. Yet I never pay to have it cut or colored? I'm a conundrum, I know. I just like to have my long, dirty, wavy hair and it's sort of (very much so) like a safety blanket that I'll be very very sad to one day part with but for now (and for a really long time actually), it's sort of my thing.

Formulate contacted me a bit ago and asked if I would be part of their product launch for shampoo and conditioner that is formulated (get it?) to your hair wants and your hair needs. And I couldn't sign up fast enough. To start, I got to take a magic hair wizard survey! It was about 27 questions (that was my count anyways) but it only took a matter of minutes. Questions like: hair length coarseness issues, how often you wash and condition (in my case, I'm a once a weeker), what products you use (dry shampoo and hair spray only and I only air dry my hair, never curl), your type of hair, your hail goals (#hairgoals), where you live geographically speaking, your preferred fragrance and even the preferred strength of fragrance. It was pretty awesome. I felt super fancy.
So I got my products! They included a tiny manual like, this is where you're at, this is where you're headed type thing, including all product ingredients. So I started using them, weekly, because I am all about that once a week wash. And here are my thoughts...
The smell? Fantastic. I chose the Freshly Squeezed scent. After a week of momming and running and all that I need a good wash and a good fragrance, but it's not overbearing. The conditioner didn't feel as "slippery" (ew) as others I have used but I just hash that up to less chemicals and more of the good stuff. Formulate's products are always sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free. But here's the best part (selfishly anyways)! I wash my hair, I condition my hair, and then I just let those hairs air dry, and that is the extent of my normal hair care. Typically, clean hair day is my least favorite of hair days of the week. Typically, my hair just feels flat and limp. But since using Formulate products? Oh girl. My hair! It has more body and texture on day one than ever before. Even Matt noticed. Which, as wonderful as my husband is, is still saying something. I'm even debating becoming a more than once a week hair washer. And I have been a once a week hair washer since August of 2016... 

Here's a little: I haven't washed my hair since Thursday morning and it is Wednesday night action....
Compared to I washed my hair today... As in, this morning. With no product other than Formulate's shampoo and conditioner and air drying. I mean, hello texture! Body! Yes I may need a trim but details, people!
And so. There is this giveaway. Currently as Formulate is in the beginning phases they are invite only, fancy pants, I know. I have a few invite codes I'd be happy to share if anyone is interested (just shoot me an email). With the codes you can access the hair wizard, take the survey and purchase your own formulations, etc. But you need that code. Otherwise you can sign up for the giveaway here. And do it! The winner will be chosen on October 26th so, tell a friend! 

Anyone else in the once a week hair wash club? I may be a step above dreadlocks by the end but there you have it...



  1. I love your hair girl!!! This stuff looks pretty cool!

  2. i feel the same way re: hair!!! and this looks amazing. i love customizable products!!


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