final day of summer vacation pool party

The final month of summer is tough. The final week of summer is tougher. And that final summer day? The one where you have to have all your ducks in a row and the bags and lunches packed and outfits chosen and alarms set? That one is just the worst. So I thought, why not throw a big giant pool party with my family? Eat too much food, drink the drinks, and hopefully get my mind of the morning. And guess what? Great success!
Quite shockingly, we were able to get the entire lot of us together, 17 in all! Everybody brought something and Matt grilled meats and corns and I did a lot of mac and cheeses. I skip the bun and do a heaping pile of mac and cheese. It is my kryptonite. See also apple desserts my sister makes. The cousins also got to try out the new slide! It took them a bit to get used to it but once they did it became the hit! Until that is, all the uncles decided that it would be fun to work on their cannon balls. At once. The waves! Oh the waves!
It sure did the trick, having my people over and doing our summer thang.... And it probably is the last time that the entire group will be together in that body of water for the year... Sniff.