fall decor

It's time. I mean honestly I decorated last week after the kids went back to school. I gathered all my stuff up and laid it all out and then contemplated just burning the lot of it and walking away. I didn't know where to start and I have some new things I didn't have last year and so I was just like, meh! But! Dom was super excited about all of this. So he wanted to start in his room. Which isn't too crazy, just hanging up orange twinkle lights. But it was enough to get me going and knock this decorating stuff out.

The living room is my main area of color.... I've been shying away from color obviously for a few years here but this room still rocks it. I'd love to find affordable neutral slipcovers for the burgundy chairs but man, that seems to be a tall order.
The kitchen... My girlfriend had brought me some hydrangeas and I didn't want to throw them out so they are all dried and I figured hey! Add pumpkins and wala!

The foyer... Not too much happening here.... A new galvanized pumpkin from my mama...
And then the dining room...My neutral and my favorite. I basically just threw pumpkins everywhere. I'm not totally sure about the house on the table... The inside I mean. I put a ton of fabric pumpkins in there and it's okay I guess but I'm not 100%. Time will tell. I know you'll be waiting with baited breath.
I probably could have broken this up better but meh.... One enormous post it is!

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