dom's first two days...

Ah! My last one! Officially a school kid! Feelings! Coming out my eyeballs! 

Our first day was Tuesday and it was a shorter day, one where I didn't even have to leave him. A thank God! We got to do a scavenger hunt around the classroom and he enjoyed checking out all the new toys.... He especially loved the urinal which I mean, boys right? But it was good. A little slow transition for him (and for me, that too).

The second day was a full (half) day for him. We started the morning okay... he seemed in good spirits until I put him in the car which is when he started crying and saying he didn't want to go, that he wanted to stay with mommy... etc. Which I mean, I was fearing this. I assured him that he wouldn't miss much, I was just going to visit with Grammy and I would be back before he knew it.... That set off another round of questions and tears... He didn't want me to drive that far away from him... would I be back in a little bit to get him? So on. I then reminded him about the urinal and well... no more tears. At school he gave me lots of hugs and even asked to be held which, you betcha kiddo! But once that door opened he just walked away from me with a big smile on his face, even looking back out the door at me. The kids got distracted by the fish tank in the lobby but then after that I watched as Dom just went up the stairs, leading the way! I got myself to the van before the tears came and then headed on my way to the nursing home... which turned out to be a waste because she was still asleep... So back home I came. To an empty, quiet, home. With nothing to do. I paced a lot. I was so happy to see his school had posted that photo of him smiling below on their Facebook page so I knew he was okay.... And then it was pick up time! Before I knew it!