It's been a hot minute since I did one of these so... yes, let's!

On the chalkboard: I didn't go too nuts with this wall as I typically do... The chalkboard in the kid's playroom however.... I have too many chalkboards to keep count of. It might be a problem.
Reading: Do we want another What I'm Reading Lately type post or are we over this? Anyways I'm reading this book right now and I thought it would be a lighter read than it is... but I'm not complaining. I also like different story lines and trying to connect the dots between characters... I have about four books I requested from the library so I have to finish this one up. Stat.
Watching with Matt: I love John Krasinski. Who doesn't love Jim? This is a new Prime show and Matt and I have been whittling away at it, one episode a day. We just finished the finale Monday night and it was so so so good. There will be a season two too! Yay! We also recently got a new TV for our bedroom and crawling under the covers to watch something at like eight o'clock is my new favorite thing!
Eating: Oh my word. Since the cruise I think I just want to eat all the things. I am always so so hungry! Hangry. In an effort to get back to zero I've been relying a lot on a staple, salad with apples and blue cheese. I am a huge fan of fruit in a salad!
Drinking: Ok so I have this issue with my mind not being able to turn off at night. Mainly like, replaying conversations in my head... Over and over. Which there aren't many of if say, I didn't go anywhere or see anyone but the Olsen Five.... But that doesn't happen much these days. I tried Melatonin and loved it, minus the horrible nightmares it gave me. Chelsea recommended this and I have been loving it so far! Not quite as bam! you're asleep as Melatonin but I like it just the same. And! No nightmares!
Planning: This is exciting! We are all (not quite all all, but close) headed back to Long Island in October! We used to go far more often when my grandparents were still alive but since they have left this earth Long Island is just not the same for me... But we are doing it! We plan on visiting with a lot of family... hitting up wineries such as this one... maybe hit up Montauk and for sure eating a ton of really really good Italian food.

Thinking about: Oh the projects that I have been saving up for that Handy Husband of mine! We have been on a project hiatus with the summer and the pool but now that that is winding down it is time! I am very seriously considering adding wood beams to our living room. What do we think? The living room has higher ceilings than the rest of the house as there is a step down... so that would be a logical place to start the beams.... Let me know your thoughts! Please!
Watching on the treadmill: Quite embarrassingly I am still on True Blood. Just when another weird or gross thing happens and I say ew! I am done! I get sucked back in again. Get it? Sucked. Sigh. Treadmill TV Time can be difficult. The perfect show can be hard to find. Not going to lie I am looking forward to Christmas time when there will be nothing but cheesy holiday movies on Netflix... Ho ho ho!
As I type this: I am watching my niece and nephew today and he is napping so I let the bigger kids watch iPads while I ran... They are just sitting so nicely and playing educational things so I figure ok... They can keep them a bit longer and I'll blog right quick.
On the letterboard: Oh my gourd do I ever! I really should get back into changing this up more often. Letty is obsessed with the one she got for her birthday and she always updates it whenever I do! Which is adorable.
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