and to my youngest...

Oh today is the day. My very last child will be having the very last first day of preschool. If you can follow that train of thought. This will be the last bandaid that will be torn off. From today on all of my little birdies are now school-aged birdies. Leaving my nest, and me, behind. Only for a little. I hear some of you saying, but he's only three! And yes, I hear you. But he is almost four and could you imagine sending him next year as an almost five year old to school for the first time? I cannot. So we made the call. Two mornings a week for a few hours. Just to dip his tiny big toe into the world of school.

How's he feel about that? Well, he feels just fine. Every time we go to the library we pass his school and he proudly points that out. He knows the name of the school and he knows his teacher's name. He has taken ownership of that building. It is no longer David's school, it's his. When we went to the Popsicles on the Playground he wouldn't speak to his teacher. Heavy sigh. In fact it took him a good bit till he even left my leg to go play with the other kids, but he did and it was fine. We're fine.
So Dom?? Please don't cry when it's time for me to leave you. That would just break me a bit and you know I'll have to go anyways so please please don't. Please answer questions when asked. Please sit when you're supposed to sit, snack when you're supposed to snack, walk when you're supposed to walk and pee when you're supposed to pee. Please keep your hands to yourself. Please say please and thank you. Make new friends! Lots of them! I'll have all the play dates for you, I promise! Be nice to everyone! No yelling! Just use your words and be a good kid. Learn! I know you got a lot of it down already, shapes and colors and such.... But you really do need to learn your letters. And to write your name and hold a pencil properly. Sorry, youngest child and all that, I know! But please don't wave that 'I'm the baby' flag at school. That is not the place. Please tell me all about your day when it's over. Moms need to know these things, and it's all in the details! It's your turn now bud; now you get to go out in the world and do all the things!

And? There are two Dom's. There is the Dom With His Siblings, and the Dom Without His Siblings. I'd prefer to imagine that the Dom Without His Siblings is the Dom that will be going to school today... The soft-spoken, quiet-voiced Dom. The one who so desperately wants to be with Lena each and every day. The one who runs to get a toy for Harrison or randomly stops and tells me he loves me. The one who just carries on entire conversations with me in that timid sounding voice of his. My buddy during the week. The Dom who sits for two hours contentedly (mostly) while my friend and I have lunch. The Dom from 7:20-2:25. That one.
And if it's the Dom With His Siblings that goes to school today? Well then, my sincerest apologies teachers. Please forgive me. And may the Force be with you.....