who letteria is at eight

I have a child that is eight. Eight. That's two away from ten (math was always my forte in school). Every year when she breaks through a milestone it takes the breath out of me in a way. It is like a little punch to the gut. And then when her siblings do the same I'm more like, meh, that's great. But I mean, eight!  

There's a ton that happens in a year of course. On paper, she has started playing field hockey and loving it. She started Girl Scouts and loves that. She's such a social butterfly and has made a few new friends all while keeping the ones from last year. She loves to stay up late with Matt and I and watch movies. Musicals and singing! Oh how much she loves to sing! She's lost six teeth, one she let me pull out just the other day... She's a wonderful kid to have in class so I am told, even if she does need extra help. That is a whole other topic of discussion that I'm sure if you've met me in real life you are like yeah yeah Laur, we know, shut it. Her academic updates are something I obsess over. But we got this. We are learning and going to go through this together and she will get the help she needs and I need to move on. Off your ledge Laurie. Self talk.
Anyways she's eight! She is not just a big sister but she is also a second mother which I'm sorry about boys! She always inserts herself into a situation and mimics exactly what I would say if she would let me say it first. Which isn't always a good thing. She's like a mirror! When she gets in trouble, mostly for being mean to me, she stomps up to her room like a teenager only to emerge a half hour later with a shy smile and a card telling me she is sorry for _____ and loves me to the heart and back and the moon and back. Or once there was a book where she asked me questions. She loves to journal and draw and color and do crafts! She's cautious and a strict rule follower. She's always anxious if we are "allowed" to do something or if we are "supposed" to do something. She's so loud we all could use ear plugs. She knows the words to so many songs and doesn't care if they are even the right words or not as she belts them out anyways! She has the absolute best giggle I have ever heard and I love her so. To the heart and back and the moon and back. My eight year old beautiful freckled little lady!
I should have done this with David but alas, I suck. I just love hearing her little thoughts about who she is these days! So! An interview!!

My favorite food: Hot dogs and meatballs. And fish! (pretty sure this is just to make her daddy proud)
Foods I don't like: Broccoli what's plain.
My favorite subject in school: Math. It feels like I already did this?
My favorite color: I like three... Pink, blue and purple.
My best friends are: Livi, Liv, Makayla.... I don't know the rest! (She really has so many friends I can barely keep track. I had to reign her in for her friend party and capped it at like 10.)
My favorite games to play: Guess Who?
What I like to do with free time: Color with mom.
My favorite books: Elephant & Piggie, Pigeon books, The Descendants.
My favorite movie: The Descendants
Things I'm good at: Cartwheels, math, drawing, making new friends.
Things I need to work on: Reading, being nice to mom.
My favorite place to go: Disney and the cruise ship!
My favorite thing to do with my family: Going on the cruise ships! (this is exactly her response last year too!)
My favorite thing at home: My Barbie house upstairs.
My favorite outdoor activity: Swimming and jump roping.
My favorite chore: Mommy! Why did you write that!? (also very similar to last year's answer!)
My favorite song: Rewrite the Stars and This is Me.
What I want to be when I grow up: I don't know....
A place I want to visit: The cruise ship!
My favorite part of last year: Great Wolf Lodge and Disney!
When I get up in the morning I like to: Watch my iPad in bed, a Barbie movie or Ariel.
My favorite part of each day: Sleeping in.
My favorite drink: Apple juice and lemonade.
My favorite sport: Field Hockey!!!!!!
My favorite outfit: Dresses!