to my big kids...

This morning, after what feels like the shortest summer vacation on record, the big kids will don their new backpacks and bound out of the van and walk into their school... and it’s all too soon. August is really the Sunday of the Summer I think. The whole month I’ve been eyeing (more like side-eyeing) today’s date on the calendar and dreading it’s inevitable arrival. I know all the rational things... David needs to be challenged... Letty needs the help of her superhero team... Routine is good for them... This is real life and unavoidable... The kids are healthy and growing and if my biggest problem is that school starts well, aren’t I just so lucky and blessed? And yes. All of that. But I still pout. I still throw myself a pity party. And I’m sure I’ll be crying big huge silly tears as I drive away from their school this morning. It’s my thing. I love my kids. And I want them with me. All the time. Even if they drive me crazy, they are mine. 

I typically write a little letter to each kid on the blog before they start school and well, what can be said that hasn’t already been said? Plus I'm not sure it is wise for my emotional well-being. I still have the same wishes for them: be kind, be good students, show respect, be safe (please be safe!), include everyone and try your best. David, please keep your hands to yourself and keep in mind there is a time to be a goof and a time for learning... and please oh please keep that brain of yours wiiiiide open! You’re going to move mountains kiddo! Letty, please don’t get frustrated with yourself. You work so so so hard! And we all know it! Enjoy all those friends of yours (so many friends) and all the other things that you love that come with the school year! You want to do more activities? Yes! Of course! 

I know they are going to have a fantastic year! David has the same teacher as Letty did last year (a running theme) and we are just so thrilled with that! He has a few friends in his class but as we all know David makes friends everywhere he goes! Letty’s teacher we hear is a real sweetheart too and that class is just stocked full of Letty’s friends! So, they are going to love it. And I know I’ll survive it. But I don’t have to like it. 

We are just so proud of our two elementary kids! They are each so different and have their own personalities and friends and strengths and we love them immensely. As Letty says, I love you to the moon and back and the heart and back.... Now. Is it bus time yet???